Cavisson Systems
Web Performance Myths

Cavisson Systems provides the world’s most advanced web performance products. Built on breakthrough technology, our product suite enables customers to outstanding web performance and obtain accurate response time forecasts. Our product suite increases fault tolerance to handle unexpected peak loads for maximum uptime.

Cavisson Performance and Availability Management Platform


  • First and only product to simulate millions of active users with diverse location and connectivity profiles.
  • First and only product which simulates all components from end user browser to the data center.
  • Internet-TrueTM load modeling based on arrival rate or concurrent users.
  • WAN simulation - network bandwidth, latency & modem simulation.
  • Advanced Recording, Monitoring & Decision making.
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  • High performance, Web Serving appliance to simulate application servers.
  • Produces real-life dynamic web content.
  • Configurable service times including randomization.
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  • Know before production roll-out, exactly how your application will perform for remote end-users
  • Minimize production environment problems
  • Optimize application for an optimal remote end-user experience
  • Troubleshoot production environment problems and verify resolution
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  • Reporting and Cross co-relation with server side monitoring for root cause analysis
  • High Performance based on proprietary Big Data engineering
  • SaaS based solution, no new customer hardware required
  • No impact on user experience and application
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  • NetCloud offers real-world simulation based on demographic location as generators are located on cloud at different locations.
  • NetCloud makes it easy for customers to validate their external components as the traffic is generated from real world, outside their network.
  • NetCloud has ability to test and validate capacity of production servers.
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  • Service level management for response times and infrastructure.
  • Proactive monitoring with real-time alerting based on performance policies.
  • Self-learning performance baselines for all performance-related data.
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